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Your Business – Smarter, Faster, Mobile.

With real-time analytics, secure offline mode, and support for some of the most compact and revolutionary payment devices in the industry, VT4 is mobile payments for the modern age. Simple to use, easy to implement, yet powerful enough to take your business even further.

Mobile Management

From one device and one account, manage your entire business in real time. Activate a new employee's account or deactivate an old one, check permissions, and download sales reports to see who's selling the most. Give your employees access to all, some, or just one portion of the app – customizable to each employee.

Extraordinary Flexibility

Use your existing bank, processor, gift card program, and payment devices. Or, shop around and change it up. With VT4, you have the flexibility to change your existing relationships whenever, wherever, for whatever reason necessary. It’s like no other mobile payment solution out there, because no other mobile payment solution even comes close.

Powerful Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your day-to-day operations before your end of day report. With VT4, you have access to a wealth of data that helps you determine which items are selling the fastest and how much your average customer spends – at no additional cost.

Serious Security

We know you take your customers’ payment security seriously – we do, too. That’s why devices running VT4 never store, process, or transmit sensitive payment data. As a PCI-compliant mobile point-of-sale solution, we help you take security to the next level.